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Whether you are starting out and need guidance, or are a working actor who wants to improve their audition performance or their reel, I'm here to help you...

As a Casting Director on the other side of the camera lens for 25+ years I have a unique perspective on auditioning and what makes an immediate impact in your self-tapes.  Knowing actors at different places in their careers and wanting them to feel confident and do their best...that's what inspires me to help.


Breaking down scenes and characters in a very actor-friendly way is part of my method.  I am happy to throw i wardrobe, makeup, and hair tips as well :)

I've helped numerous coaching clients get callbacks and book every kind of acting job from leads in Feature Films, to Primetime Network TV shows, commercials and Voiceovers.

Dearest Stacey,

Thank you so much for your help today! I sent in an audition that I really can be proud of. 

Those 60 minutes just changed the way we approach auditioning, too!

Miguel Belmonte (Actor)

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